Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The "odd" news category is so "clever" when it comes to "women"

It's quiz time!  What's wrong with this headline?  "Beefeaters 'harassed' lone female Tower guard"

If you guessed the "ironic" quotes, 10,000 points.

And what might this "harassment" be in the form of, you may ask?

Cameron, 44, who beat five men to secure the coveted position, has had her uniform defaced and nasty notes left in her locker, newspapers reported, while one suspect has been cautioned by police for defacing Cameron's entry in the online encyclopedia Wikipedia.
 "We can confirm that three Yeoman Warders are under investigation in response to allegations of harassment; two have been suspended," the Tower of London said in a statement.
Ooooohhhh.  You mean harassed.  Not "harassed."  (To the author of this shit article: come see me for a quick grammar and punctuation 101.) 

What the fuck.  I'm getting sick of women's issues (generally those including various forms of harassment, violence against women, murder of women, etc) being filed under the label of "odd." 

The first woman to hold a position formerly occupied exclusively by men is being harassed by two men she works with?  Oh yes, that is quite odd.  It's so odd, it's like it doesn't happen every fucking day to women.  It's like, this one British woman is one out of none, apparently, because workplace harassment by jealous men who lost to a more competent and qualified woman just never happens.  It's so rare in fact, it's just perfect for "Oddly Enough." 

Fuck you Yahoo!


Dr. Psycho said...

Apparently they still haven't gotten over the fact that a WOMAN has been named to a position of honor -- and perhaps worse yet, visibility, even though she has actually held her post for some time.

If I were covering this, my headline recommendation would be, "Male Tower Guards Acting More Like Barbary Apes" (if you will excuse the Anglo-trivia).

Fi said...

Actually, in this case, they have to say "harassed" because the people in question have not yet been convicted of harassment.

If these people were to be found not-guilty, and the news article did not have " ", they could be sued for defamation. With them, it implies that there is alleged harassment.

FilthyGrandeur said...

then they should have said alleged instead of relying on quotes which would make the reader question the woman's credibility.