Sunday, January 10, 2010

Filthy note

You may have noticed the lack of posts lately, so I thought I'd just let everyone know what's going on.  I've been under a bit of stress lately trying to do wedding stuff, plus I needed one of those "steps back" in regards to the blogging.  While it can be fulfilling work, I am often left emotionally drained, and I need the break.  I'd like to give you all a time frame for when I anticipate returning to blogging, but unfortunately my brain doesn't work that way.  I feel like I need a break, so I take a break, and I don't know when a sufficient break has been had until I no longer feel like I need a break.

Plus, with less than five months until the wedding, I really need to focus on that or it won't happen--and we really really want it to happen!

Some of you may continue to see me around the interwebs, and I do read all comments, even on older posts if any of you should feel like browsing.

Update: the wedding has been called off. We are no longer engaged, but we are still together.  Nonetheless I will be taking an indefinite break from blogging.


Emily said...

All the best with the break and the preparations... Both sound pretty important! :)

I shall look forward to reading your writing once more when the time's right.

Daisy Deadhead said...

Really unpleasant fact: Women have been socialized to treat each other like shit. Feminists are far from immune.

A friend of mine just emerged from 6 months of hanging out in Blogdonia pretending to be A MAN and says the treatment is 1000% better. (Nah, go on!!)

But we do it to each other. We were taught to fight for the crumbs, and old habits die hard.

I have decided to boycott certain blogs that I think thrive on the takedowns. I'll read but not participate. I am tired of being part of the problem.

Love ya, and hope you feel the love back. :)

Daisy Deadhead said...

Just saw your Twitter note (and started following you!). If you feel like talking, I'm here. Email in blog profile! Sometimes its lots easier to talk to people you don't "know" (IRL) rather than real-life folks who all have OPINIONS about the situation. I've been married 3 times, so I know a little (as Lyrnyrd Skynyrd famously put it). :)

My best to you at this difficult time.

Renee said...

Hey, I am sorry about your wedding. I know that you were really looking forward to it from everything that you wrote. Take all of the time that you need. The blog world can be cruel and hard sometimes and it is very trying. Take care of you and we will be here when you get back.

Craig said...

You've been on my brain a lot lately. I'm sending so much positive energy and many good thoughts your way lately. You are a tour de force of goodness. You are a life changer. I wish you all the best.

FilthyGrandeur said...


aw, thanks. i appreciate your blush-inducing praise!

and thanks to everyone for all the nice thoughts.

i know my absence makes it seem like i fell off the earth, but i'm actually doing quite well, and me and the significant other are better than ever now that the stress of a wedding has been lifted. for now we're just calling it "indefinitely postponed." i've just been taking some personal time until i can find a balance between work and blogging.

Craig said...

all the wedding stress caused us to decide to elope. it nearly ruined us. so we got real selfish and eloped. best thing I ever done did.

But I'm happy to hear you both are well. it's ultimately about your happiness and whatever it takes to maintain it.

This news makes me happy!