Friday, October 16, 2009


Fall is undoubtedly my favorite season, and thus, Halloween is my favorite holiday.  I shamefully admit that I went trick or treating up until my senior year of high school.  Halloween is one of the reasons I can't wait to have kids (well, I can, but this will be a perk) since I will be stealing their candy.  They can try to hide it if they want, but my brother and I invented all the good hiding places for candy given that it was either hide it, or let it be consumed by DaddyGrandeur.  Not that I blame him at all for trying.  We ended up sharing with him anyway.  I mean, he does this nice "can I please have some candy?" thing, or something.  At any rate, it was good enough to make two sugar-crazed children actually want to share.  That's okay though.  He's "good dad" so he's earned it.

One of the best parts of Halloween is carving pumpkins.  This is actually one of the few activities I miss doing with my biological dad, back when I thought the world of him (my grown-up self knows better now).  I carved Vincent Price (above) while I was in college, and gave it to my grandparents the same day since I was worried about attracting fruit flies in my dorm. 

Last year I was caught up in the Batman frenzy, mostly because that was by far the best Batman movie yet, and also because Heath Ledger's performance was...incredible.  To honor the movie, and my nerdiness, I carved Batman and Joker pumpkins.  The Joker one was actually a little disappointing.  It seemed awesome in theory, but the pattern (not my own) wasn't the greatest.  So this year I'm going to try for actual portraits, but I'm not sure yet what they'll be.  Sadly, there weren't any movies this summer that inspire such art, so I might have to reexamine some of my old favorites.  I will certainly post pictures when they're done.

Happy carving!


samanthab. said...

Ooo.. sheer and utter pumpkin genius!

Maud said...

Those pumpkins are amazing, FG. Please move next door to me and decorate our yard. Ok, there is no yard in front. But you could move in down the block - they have yards! I would even come outside to admire your handiwork, and I don't do that for the less-than-extraordinary. Or, you could just post more pix here, and I could come look at them, which I guess would be easier for both of us :)

FilthyGrandeur said...

lol Maud. right now i live in an apartment in a house, and our "yard" is not technically just ours. but one day you can bet i will have my own yard, and i will go all out on Halloween. and there will be pix. in the meantime, however, you'll just have to settle for my smaller scale creativity. and there will of course be pix for that. :)

Unknown said...

These are mad mad skills. Hello, I just happened upon your blog.