Wednesday, October 21, 2009

There is a non-sexy Robin!

In response to this post, Stephanie has sent me pictures of her and her husband, which I am sharing with her permission.  She writes:

I just read your post on sexy halloween costumes, which is also something that I hate about halloween, but I had to share with you the batman and robin costumes I made for my husband and I two years ago (mine was mostly out of kids t-shirts from target) that were decidedly non-sexy - note the sensible shorts. This year he suggested we switch and I be batman...unfortunately, the small mask was just a little too much, so don't think I can handle the batman hood/mask.

Totally awesome!  Any one else have non-sexy costumes they wouldn't mind sharing?  It would cheer me up to post them.


Unknown said...

Glad to cheer you up! I can't wait to see other costumes!

Unknown said...

Kick a**!!!!

Anonymous said...

That Robin costume is not non-sexy.

FilthyGrandeur said...

in terms of what passes for sexy these days, i say it is. but in a very cute and good way.