Friday, April 10, 2009

"Soft pillows of flesh tucked unseen..."

Note: This is a sonnet I wrote to my vagina, a response to my previous sonnet honoring a penis. I thought it only fair to similarly honor my lady parts. Again, this is meant to be funny, and, again, I use archetypical language describing my vagina deliberately. I also acknowledge that my referencing a famous white American artist holds connotations of it's own, but please realize that her paintings are well-known for their vagina imagery.

Soft pillows of flesh tucked unseen
Blossoming petals, blooms uncurl
From a center of pleasure wrapped between
Minora, majora, a delicate pearl.
A brilliant structure, support of lattice,
Of Nature, reflecting the natural,
An arch, an arbor--a trellis,
Echoing the seasons, it epitomizes cycle.
Flourished paint strokes, slick with color
It arouses inspiration and greatness
In artists mimicking the gossamer,
And in others, simply faintness.
So superb a chalice, and rose motif
Is exemplified best by Georgia O'Keefe.


Krystal said...

I enjoyed your sonnet
keep it up!
i will now i read your sonnet about the penis.

Madison said...

Hot. You should write one about my humps. You know, my lovely lady lumps?

I'm such an asshole.

FilthyGrandeur said...

i miss you madison, and your assholatry.

Anonymous said...

Found this through Twitter.
Did you know a Welsh female poet of the fifteenth century had the same idea?
Check out Gwerful Mechain's
Cywydd Y Cedor - Ode to the pubic hair.
Ms. Eerie