Thursday, December 17, 2009

Random not-so late (not drunk) post--Jack Frost or Jack Frost?

I was just channel surfing, and noticed that Jack Frost is on. You know, that cute movie with Michael Keaton where his character dies and comes back as a snowman?  Well, it reminded me of the time that DaddyGrandeur aka "weekday dad" went out to rent us Jack Frost so we could watch it as a family.  Well, there are two movies (a few actually, but whatever) by that name.  I think I was 12 or 13 at the time, when the Michael Keaton version had just been released on video.

We all hunkered down to watch (what we thought was) a cute family movie.  So you can imagine my confusion when this happened [trigger warning for B-movie violence]:

I mean, even at that age I found it so ridiculous it was funny.  And of course there's all kinds of plot-holes which add to the ridiculousness.  But I think it was ten minutes into the movie when we all realized that Daddy Grandeur had made a mistake.

And now, thinking back on it, I'm wondering about DaddyGrandeur's error in movie rental.  I mean, just look at the cover:

Chillin' and killin'?

That's some awesome family-friendly entertainment!  Oh well.  Turns out this version is even more funny than the one that was actually trying to be funny.  And it's one more thing we can tease DaddyGrandeur about.


luvandfamily said...

Well, as you said, there are several movies by that name. The one he picked did not have that cover. Oh the joys of childhood memories. lol.


FilthyGrandeur said...

an honest mistake: yes. still funny as hell. and luckily i wasn't traumatized by it.

however, i'm still severely creeped out by Santa. thanks mom!

Defender said...


The 'Nostalgia Critic' recently reviewed the Keaton one, to much hilarity.

Every time I saw his version at the store, I immediately associated it with the "horror" version.

Direct-to-video is a source of fantastically bad films, it's great. You often have to wonder about the people that act in them. Is being in movies THAT great, that you'd rather be known for stinkers like this, as opposed to just working a 'regular' job?

(I figure you can tell from my speech patterns at this point, but if not, yes, it's me.)

Kissy-face-ad-boy said...

LOL, Poor Pop-Grandy. At least I'm not the only one bringing home the wrong kiddy flick. But you know, It's not our fault. I swear movie companies name things closely on purpose. Ever hear of Transfigurers?

FilthyGrandeur said...

haha. i'm sure i don't want to endure anything called "Transfigurers."

and moms make their share of goof-ups. MommyGrandeur better behave or i'll tell everyone on the interwebs about the "oven cleaner" incident. :D

Anonymous said...

Sure, and then you can tell them how you wrecked 3 vehicles in 1 day... want to really compare blonde moments? lol


FilthyGrandeur said...

okay. truce. lol

Cheese Sammich said...

Zomg. If that was, in fact, your mother, you just got owned.

Moms have a way of being able to do that, no matter how old you get.