Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Fuzz Therapy

Well, it's Wednesday again.  Which means you get your fuzzy-goodness.  I'm glad to report that Princess has been extra cuddly lately, ambushing my lap before I've even settled myself on the couch; however, this may have something to do with how fucking cold we both are.  I welcome the affection and the extra warmth, though I could do without the warning bites.  I mean, she's on my damn lap--I should be able to pet her.  Her use of my body as furniture ain't free.  And it is more than a little annoying that she insists on claiming my lap when I'm busy--like how she wanted to sit on my lap when it was already occupied by the afghan I was trying to finish.  I had to finish the last row with it pinned under her cute ass.

Well, enjoy the rest of your Wednesday everyone.  Friday will be here soon--I am excited too because I actually have a real weekend.  For a brief moment it will seem as if I have a normal job.  Retail just sucks so bad this time of year.  My demand for fuzz is increasing.


Defender said...




Cheese Sammich said...


I must pat fluff.

Is she in fact, just as soft as she looks?

She needs a hug. Go give her a hug. Pat the fluff.

Doooo eeeet.

Yeah, check out the name I've chosen.

Do I have to stick with this one, or can I change it on occasion?

Pucker-up said...

Defender, you feel me. It's not fair! I'm taking cute resistoid pills.

They aint workin'!!

I feel baby talk coming on...

me gotta hit da wittle pub-wish your commenty bwutton before isht's too wate.

FilthyGrandeur said...

@cheese sammich
change the nickname up if you want, but just let me know. i'm not so sharp on certain days...

also, yes, Her Royal Fluffy-Butt is quite soft. her furr is very wispy, almost like that fluff that comes off of dogwood trees. though she's not always so keen on teh hugs. she may look sweet, but i assure you it's a trap. she's pure evil.

first, cute variance with the name there ;).
second, we need to get you one of those robot kitties. some of the ones coming out of Japan are pretty convincing.

Cheese Sammich said...

Well, remind me to show you a photo of Friar Tuck (or just "Tucker") sometime.

If you want to see a bunch of fluff, that was, in fact, incredibly keen on endless hugs (he also spooned. SPOONED.), you will see it in him.

Was very good boy.

FilthyGrandeur said...

well, i am always looking for submissions...

Cheese Sammich said...

I sent you a picture of him. :D