Thursday, June 4, 2009

Submissions for Fuzz Therapy

Not that I'm running out of material, of course, what with my fluffy Princess being super fluffy and cute, I've nonetheless decided that other cute fuzzy creatures should also get attention, So if you would like me to post pics of your fuzzy pets (or not-so-fuzzy) I will feature them on here.

Submission criteria:

  • It must be a pet that you own, or at the very least interact with. Don't just find cute pics floating around on the internet and send them in. I want pets that you know and care about, ones whose personalities are familiar to you.
  • The picture(s) should be .jpeg and sent in email as an attachment.
  • It must have a description of the pet (what is it doing in the picture, is this usual cute behavior, etc). Names are nice too. The description should be in the body of the email.
  • The submission must also include the name you wish to appear in the submission (you may use your actual first name or your internet handle, but note I will not post last names). Let me know also if you have a blog you would like me to link to.
  • No inappropriate pictures, please. That means no nudity (except for your pets, of course); no offensive material depicting violence against animals or humans; no racism; no sexism; no homophobia; no transphobia. Basically, if the image is questionable, don't send it because it won't be posted.
  • Pictures can have humans in them, but I would like the focus to be the animal (since humans are not all that fuzzy--well, mostly).
  • Submissions must be sent to me at
  • Submissions submitted in the comments section will not be considered. Do it right, people.
Fuzz Therapy will continue to be posted on Wednesdays. If I do not have submissions, you will get pictures of Princess. It's in your hands now.