Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Men can only empathize with pregnant women when they've stuffed themselves with burritos

Currently, I am unable to locate any images for this new ad campaign, but I'm sure most of you will have already noticed these new ads. The first is a man in drag with a giant plastic bubble filled with nachos representing a pregnant belly, convincing his buddy that it's worth sneaking the food in since it's way cheaper--I mean, that's cool; I also enjoy cheap nachos. But then his buddy makes that comment at the end about him wearing make-up, and he's all, "Don't judge me." Can't sell nachos without being transphobic, I suppose.

Then there's the other commercial, the one where the dudez on the bus sitting next to a pregnant woman. He has, of course, stuffed himself with Taco Bell's burritos--and it's like he connects with the woman. Because having a belly full of burritos is exactly like carrying a fetus. WTF. As if that's not bad enough, there's a nice little comment of "eating for two." I'm sorry, sir--who else are you eating for?

This also perpetuates the "manly food" thing, where real men must stuff themselves silly with certain foods--never a salad (are you kidding? That would totally make a man's penis fall off!).

What really irritates me is that they're almost trivializing pregnancy--she's not carrying a child, she's just fat from eating. By creating this skewed mirror of "man eating too much" and "pregnant woman," these ads are making jokes out of pregnancy to sell some fucking nachos. Hello? You're full for a couple hours; pregnancy lasts 9 months. Yeah, it's exactly the same, douchebags.


M. said...

I don't normally watch T.V. and this is exactly why! every add pisses me off.
i can't believe that, it's almost as bad as "feminism is evil!!!"

trust me you will love this!!!


Dave Himself said...

Easy there slugger. The ad is mostly horrible because it implies getting your money's worth means feeling bloated and uncomfortable. Give a man some credit. We know the fetus is not made of chopped meat and cheese.

And M. Did you know there is a button on your TV for changing the channel. Last night Carl Sagan blew my mind with his explanations of the vastness of space.

I gained a great respect for many household items I had been using without being fully aware of the intricacies of their manufacture.

Then Leonard Cohen sang me to sleep on PBS.

I saw not one Gordito or Burrito the whole time. Feel free to attack a show or a channel, but TV? As a whole? Really?

M. said...

i finally saw the ad.
what a crock of bullshit!

cheryl hates it too.

FilthyGrandeur said...

yes, they're quite disgusting...