Saturday, March 28, 2009

Pretty kitty!!!!

For those of you who don't know (and those of you who need a reminder) this is my pretty kitty, Princess (I did not name her--my stepdad did some years ago; please note he's given excessively girly names to all our pets. Examples include Lady, Cuddles, Baby, and Precious). As you can see, my Princess likes to party. This is a photo which I have named "Beer Belly." My last year of college, I snuck this pretty girl into my dorm room (despite her persistent yowling protests when carrying her into the hall to my room--somehow no one told). I couldn't bear leaving her with my parents while I was away for months at school, and I loved coming back from class seeing her happy to see me.

Funny enough, the first day I moved in (before I conditioned Princess that sitting in the window at school was not acceptable, since we both could get in trouble) the woman who cleaned our building saw her sitting there. Luckily, she was a sweet woman who loved animals (and could keep a secret) and she often sent Princess presents and came to visit her. My friends all knew that I had my Princess with me, and it actually did her some good to be in the dorm since it forced her to be more social--previously she only came to me, hiding when anyone else came into the house--unfamiliar voices frightened her. Even now she's not so skittish.

Anyway, Princess is one of my pets (the other is my turtle; more on her later) and I adore her, so I thought I would share her with others. She's quite the honest pet for me: she's cranky and will seek attention when she wants it; she eats like a piggy; sleeps where she wants; and is a bitch when she wants. She's my cute little fluffy-butt.

So, comments are welcome. She's quite the conceited girl (this is a cat that welcomes me home by rolling on the floor, stopping to see if I'm watching, then proceeds to roll again, all while I'm praising her beauty) so I'm sure she would love more compliments. While you're at it, how old would you say my Pretty is? I'm curious to find out how accurate the kitty years are.


M. said...

AWE! i miss you and princess and the whole gang so much! this picture reminds me of all the nights i would come and visit princess.

Give her some loves for me,