Monday, December 14, 2009

Happy filthy birthday to me!

So today I am 24! I give MommyGrandeur a lot of credit for having a baby so close to xmas, although I hope I provided a good enough reason to excuse her from having to shop (though she was still married to "weekend" dad, so I doubt it).

I celebrated with some friends on Saturday, so tonight I'm taking it easy (I really don't need to keep reacquainting myself with the toilet anyway).  

As for the limited amount of postings, I apologize.  I've been distracted again with wedding plans, xmas shopping, and work.  But I haven't abandoned the blogging world.

Time to go wrap presents in the Batman wrapping paper I picked out (hey, everyone's just lucky I couldn't find Spongebob.  And it's better than the newspaper I've been using previously).  Enjoy a beer in my honor!  :)


Intransigentia said...

Happy Birthday! My bio-dad isn't quite as bad as yours, but I still can relate to the sting of the neglected important event. Friendly internet hugs if you'd like them.

Also: Spongebob RULZ!

FilthyGrandeur said...

thanks. and yes, spongebob does rule.

dealing with bio dad this year is actually not as bad as previous years (like the time he said "fuck you" to me and hung up the phone, and then lied and said i did that--i think this was in response to another of my attempts to tell my dad his drinking is a problem).

and i gladly accept your friendly internet hugs!!

RachelB said...

Here from Shakesville to say happy birthday to you!

Quercki said...

The wheel of the year has turned around,
Your birthday is today.
Life got so much better, when you came my way.
Carve your wishes on a candle, may they all come true.
Happy Birthday, Filthy Grandeur*, today and all year through.

A birthday song by Laura Northwood, who I wish I had more songs by.
*your name doesn't quite scan, so we'll just squeeze in the extra syllables.

Defender said...

It's me. I'll figure a name out. Really.

See, I prefer when people don't acknowledge my birthday.

I don't like to acknowledge it.

Happy Birthday, anyway.

And thanks for making me feel old, butt. :P

FilthyGrandeur said...

lol. thanks everyone!

i appreciate all the love from internet-strangers!

Maud said...

Happy Birthday, FG!

Unknown said...

You're just one day away from my dearly departed mum. That was hard to type. but, it explains a lot about your magnetic personally.