Thursday, December 3, 2009

News flash: Seth MacFarlane sucks

Now, before any of you fanatics of Seth MacFarlane's monopolization on the adult cartoon front wish to attack me or tell me I'm being too sensitive: this post is about why Seth MacFarlane sucks on a very basic level.  All isms aside (which include but are not limited to sexism, misogyny, racism, homophobia, transphobia, slut-shaming, and fat-hating), MacFarlane's shows just suck.

Why, do you ask?

Because his comedy has just about run its course.  He's officially out of jokes, and you dudebros are hailing it as some extradinary work of comedy.

Um.  No.

If 10 minutes of a given MacFarlane show episode isn't being spent on some character engaging in mindless noise making  or repetitive fight scenes, then you can bet that those ten minutes are being used for some other exponentially obnoxious scene.

And even the "edgy" humor is nothing special.  Hahaha domestic violence. Oh man that racism sure is (not) fresh.  Fat people are totes gross?  Nice job utilizing gay stereotypes.  Note: there's absolutely nothing original about relying on stereotypes for jokes.  Can anyone say "cliche?"

It goes on.  So go ahead: tell me about how Seth MacFarlane is a comedic genius.  Just know that it's all bullshit.  You douchebags eat up the same fucking jokes (and not just on Family Guy--Cleveland show too--except with Black people!!) and have the temerity to say it's original?  In what way, exactly?

I am expecting a slew of MacFarlane defenders. Just know that this thread will be heavily moderated.  Just because I'm criticizing a beloved (HA!) t.v. show doesn't mean I'm giving bigots a free reign on what's posted here--and don't bother giving me that free speech bullshit, because that's not gonna fly here (hate speech  free speech).

P.S. Anyone else notice how lovers of Family Guy will often measure it's supposed awesomeness by comparing it to The Simpsons?  What the hell is up with that??


Anonymous said...

haters gotta hate. Keep up the good work Farlane.

stufflikemikans said...

Right on!

I agree with you.
and so does Collegehumor:

I also liked South Park's take on it. Family Guy is nothing but a bunch of absurd tangents. It's horrible writing. (Maybe done by manatees in a tank)

At least the Simpsons they're actually concerned with telling a story rather than just a bunch of meaningless jokes. South Park also has a lot of offensive humor. At least with South Park, they actually have a point to make when they're being offensive. That's satire. Family Guy and other MacFarlane shows are offensive just for the sake of being offensive. It's not funny or entertaining. It's just bad writing.

FilthyGrandeur said...

lol @ the college humor link.

if family guy really isn't written by manatees, then maybe they should try it. probably be an improvement.

in regard to the references SP ep, i love how Cartman was trying to get the show cancelled, and was pointing out that you need...oh, what's that thing called...a plot...which family guy seems to shit on.

Unknown said...

I simply cannot watch his shows. I haven't really tried. The humor is so base that I dread my children thinking it's for them.

R said...

I just wanted to post in agreement that Family Guy sucks.

Andromache said...

I quite like Family Guy. Sometimes, I find it funny. That doesn't mean to say I don't find it deeply problematic and often exasperating to the point it is swiftly turned off, but it can be alright.

Ivy Hedera said...

I do find a lot of Family Guy funny, but I'm not about to argue that there aren't aspects of it that aren't problematic or just plain stupid. A lot of times the show makes me cringe, and makes me feel like a bad feminist that I tolerate something with so many rape jokes. Most of the time, I enjoy it though.

I hate how so many people think it's impossible like something - whether that's a TV show, a movie, a book or whatever - without acknowledging that it's not perfect or that there aren't parts of it which are offensive. I find this in Glee fandom too; I'm annoyed that there are so many Glee fans who continue to assert it's the BEST! SHOW! EVER! and despite all the tokenism, the sexist storyline with Terri's fake pregnancy, etc. no one has any right to criticize it. As a result, I find anywhere I say I'm a Glee fan people are holding their breath because they expect me to unequivocally defend the show. Same with Family Guy.

(The people who seem to be the worst with this are the big Disney fans. I'm always dismayed at how many intelligent adults I find who still seem to think Disney is some sacred cow you're not allowed to criticize for any reason whatsoever. Or who act like I have no heart when I tell them I'm not a big Disney fan and I'd rather watch a movie made for grown-ups which is actually good beyond the fact that it has catchy songs and pretty animation.)

FilthyGrandeur said...

Ivy Hedera--

you bring up an excellent point. often when i write about problematic elements in movies, shows, or music, i get verbally attacked by the die-hard fans. a lot of them fail to understand that just because i admittedly enjoy something that doesn't mean it's exempt from my criticism. for example, i am a huge fan of lil wayne, but i'll be the first to point out that he's a sexist misogynist asshole and his lyrics reflect as much.

i think a lot of people just don't understand that you can think "omg this is the best thing ever!" and still acknowledge that its themes are sometimes far from perfect.

people will also tell me if i feel that something is problematic, i should avoid it, but what good does that do if everyone willing to discuss those things avoids them and remains silent?

Anonymous said...

I like American dad. The rest are awful!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say that sometimes I find Family Guy boring, other times I find it shitty, but most of the time I think it's written by closet cases who lash out at marginalized groups of society to cover their self-loathing and shame. Boy, that totally straight baby sure does make me laugh.....

Anonymous said...

Perhaps American dad is more enjoyable because I'm not staring at a character drag on 8 minutes of the show with Mr..... what's-fuckin-face.... Conway twitty or whatever. Or any random scene totally unrelated to the story of the show. American dad is start to finish, but with like elements of everything else he makes. Dysfunctional families.

P's: worst sales pitch in history.

"If you like family guy, you're going to love Ted! "
-Seth mcfarlane

"No thanks"