Sunday, December 6, 2009

Lazy Sunday

Hosted by the Canadian geese who decided to use the park across the street for a pit-stop.

Morning all! I'm up earlier than normal for a Sunday, mostly due to the return of my seasonal sore-throats (and unfortunately the humidifier isn't helping).

Here are your weekly links:

Romance and sexuality in Harry Potter: this comes highly recommended.  It's the best analysis of the Harry Potter relationships I have seen.  It discusses gender roles, the notion of "true love," the unimportance of female roles (unless it pertains to motherhood), etc.

Plus Size Glamour Models, But Who's Missing?  Yes the women are all larger than your "standard" model, but they still fail to represent the variety of women's bodies that actually exist.  And including only one Black is not a good attempt at inclusion.

Casting White Actors in Asian Roles: 1957 to Today:  Sadly, there's a long history of white-washing Asian roles in movies.

Plate Mail Bikini:  A great post about how World of Warcraft's battle attire isn't as gender-neutral as one might think (from Border House, a feminist gaming blog, which I highly recommend adding to your blogroll).

And, just for fun: New Moon in Lolcats.  I've read it nearly ten times and each times it's still hilarious.  This may also save you from wasting money on the movie.  You're welcome.