Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Filthy news--I'm leaving tomorrow

Just wanted to let everyone know what's up.   I know I took a vacation last month, but this isn't really a vacation: I'm driving back to Michigan for a few days to plan my wedding.  Just so we're clear, I don't get into all that princess fairy-tale stuff, and I hate planning things, so this will probably not be enjoyable to me.  Plus the 7-hour drive won't help matters.

While I may have internet access at some point, I'm not counting on it, so comments will be published as soon as possible given the limited access I plan on having.  I thought about turning off the comments moderation while I'm gone, but since I might not be able to monitor the comments, I'd rather not give the trolls a field-day (just so we're all aware, I get a fair number of troll comments that never get published, and I'd hate to give these people another platform to preach their bigotry). 

I'm leaving tomorrow morning and will be back Saturday or Sunday (it really depends on whether I'm up for the extra day of dealing with that side of the family, so we'll see).  I'm really excited about the place I'm going to visit, so hopefully it looks as good in person, and then I can really get the planning going.  I'm trying to be very disciplined about planning this thing, since I've been known to procrastinate (in school I was the good kind of procrastinator though, since I would wait to the last minute, and still get A's on the essays and assignments).  I'll share some details with you all when I get back.  I also plan on taking a few pictures, since my fiance's schedule will not allow him to go on this trip with me--that's okay though.  No sense in us both being subjected to my family's...uh...issues (my brother excluded, of course).

This will be the last hiatus for awhile, given that I don't like being away from my fiance or grumpy pets for too long.  Part of me does get excited, being back in my home state, but it doesn't really feel like home without my fiance there.