Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wait, what?

Oh, that's what I thought: all things evil are super possessive.  That's why they're evil, I guess.

I do love that "feminist's" follows "gangster's" on that list.  Totally awesome.

Bonus lol: did they seriously list emo's [sic] and sport's nut's [sic]?  Here's my response:

H / T Deeky from Shakesville


Melissa said...

I love how everything is apostrophe s-ed.

Also gotta love "high fullutent." And wtf is does sophisticated swine consist of? lol

FilthyGrandeur said...

And wtf is does sophisticated swine consist of? lol

i dunno, but it sure sounds delicious!

ms liberty said...

I wonder what P.KS are.

If it's the acronym "PK" ... I always thought that meant "preacher's kid," as in the child of a minister (a term used by minister's children to describe themselves, not a slur or anything). So these people hate ministers, or what?

Anonymous said...

Apparently, everyone is damned anyway, because of the first term: "homo's"! I guess we should all have been born in a different family of Great Apes, huh?

Interesting how many Christian groupings are included ("Catholic's", "Jehovah's Witness's"), also Muslims (who do believe in Jesus - he's a key character in the Koran) but not for some reason Jews (who according to some versions were responsible for Jesus being executed and all)... No mention of Hindus either, so I guess they're alright!

Apparently, "Liberal's" and "Democrat's" are damned, but socialists and communists are okay?

Also, "Emo's" are damned, but not Goths?

FilthyGrandeur said...


Apparently, everyone is damned anyway, because of the first term

yeah, they should really be more specific in their terminology. lol.

Also, "Emo's" are damned, but not Goths?

and here I thought Goths were the scarier of the "dark" cliques. stupid me!

Nentuaby said...

I've heard it suggested that PKs probably refers to Promise Keepers- yet another example of not only non-Christians, but anyone who isn't Christian in exactly his preferred way is DAMNED'S!

FilthyGrandeur said...

thanks for clearing that up Nentuaby.

lesson learned--you can't just be Christian; you gotta be the right kind of Christian.

Craig said...

That is the best worst... or the worst best something or other I have ever seen!

Glauke said...

Do I get bonus points for being in more than one category :))

FilthyGrandeur said...

lol Glauke. hell yeah you do.

as an aside, i totally just noticed the "effeminate men" one. really???

R said...

wow, are they for real...? If I didn't know for a fact there were religious folks like that, I would think this sign were just a brilliant piece of satire...

Jemima Aslana said...

And what's with all the apostrophe's? Liberal's what? Liberal's attitude? Heart? Toilet? Atheist's books? Sure, I'll tell my possessions to repent, I sure won't do it myself, though. :D