Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hollywood FAIL

The list of actors crying out in a plea to free Roman Polanski (a.k.a fugitive child rapist) is continuing to grow.  The lesson of course being that if you're a famous director with enough money and influential friends, you can go around drugging and raping children without consequence.  Or at the very least, a lot of people will support you, despite the fact that you're a disgusting piece of shit.

And it speaks volumes of the people crying out in defense.  Well, like it or not, people whose work we admire are also capable of being complete assholes.  That admirable work does not negate the crimes that person committed.

And it's the same song we've heard before.  Bottom line is the man drugged and raped a 13-year-old girl.  That this crime took place more than 30 years ago is completely irrelevant.  That the victim does not wish to pursue this does not mean that Roman Polanski gets a free fucking pass.  And that anyone is even supporting this vile man just because he's directed a few decent movies is such a fucking leap of logic that I find this whole ugly thing utterly depressing.

Roman Polanski committed a horrendous crime, and if we at all cared about his victim (and other victims of rape which are overlooked or blamed every fucking day) then we shouldn't be defending him.

I recently read a post over at The Curvature that makes an excellent point (in discussing the rape of Mackenzie Phillips by her father, John Phillips), but I think it's relevant in this case too:

All survivors experience backlash by going public — that backlash is only going to grow tenfold when the abuser is famous. It’s this backlash that makes coming forward so difficult, but also so significant. People don’t like to hear that their heroes can also be rapists, and that rapists can also be heroes. People don’t like to hear that rapists can have separate qualities worth admiring, can have talent, and depth, and people who love them. People don’t want to hear anything about rapists that doesn’t involve them being evil, slimy, instantly identifiable monsters, who have absolutely no worth or humanity. People don’t want to hear it because it makes rape easier to ignore, deny, forget, and believe could never happen to them, could never be committed by someone they know.
That is precisely why people need to hear it.
John Phillips was a very talented singer and songwriter. He’s a little bit of a 60s icon. And he was also apparently a rapist. Most people are currently unable to hold these things simultaneously in their minds. This is evidenced by all that is up above. And rape apologism and denialism aren’t going to stop until, among other things, they (and we) learn how to.
This is all just an utter shit-pile of fail.

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Krystal said...

Actors are professional liars, they get awards for lying, they go to school to lie and make your cry. Fuck'em, at least most of them are over 18.

stufflikemikans said...

oh my god...
I feel sick reading a list with that many names defending a rapist.
I also read recently that Whoopi Goldberg was defending him on The View. So depressing. I used to love her too.
I read this article this morning that also makes some great points about the situation:

FilthyGrandeur said...

ugh, i know. this is sick. and i'm really disheartened by the amount of people i formerly admired that are defending a rapist. especially Whoopi. if i hadn't had my turtle so long, I'd change her name...

Unknown said...

I've been blogging/screaming about this all week and I hate it. I hate having to keep saying raping children is a bad thing. People who rape children should face the law for their crimes, whoever they are. It should be something that could go without saying.

Scott Mendelson said...

At least Chris Rock will state the obvious...