Sunday, September 6, 2009

Lazy Sunday: I fly a kite edition

Provided the wind is nice today, I'll be flying my kite again. You can't tell when the kite is really high, but there's a wizard riding a dragon on it. When it gets high, it just looks like a giant moth or something. There's this old guy with a really fancy kite that totally owns my little cheapy, but oh well--it's about having fun right?

As usual, I got a few links for you to enjoy.

First up, Renee at Womanist Musings discusses Chris Brown's Larry King appearance, and examines the continuing victim-blaming. Also, in a moving post about the true cost of a cigarette, Renee discusses child exploitation and labor. These children not only face health risks from inhaling the tobacco, but also risks of being sexually and physically assaulted by their supervisors.

There's a post over at the hasarder diaries that breaks down a Cosmo article which blames women for being raped. The writer of said Cosmo article discusses the "gray" areas of rape, despite that it's just more victim-blaming. The author of the post does a great job breaking it down.

piecesofstring has a post up at SexGenderBody (woo!) about a comic (comic included in the link) which shames women for breast-feeding in public. The kicker? The comic is written by a lady. It's pretty disgusting, actually, since the author of the comic refers to breasts as "veiny fleshbags," and then compares breastfeeding to pulling off her own shirt so her boyfriend can suck on her breasts. we still can't separate breasts from sexual objects at all. But there's a difference between a boyfriend sucking on a breast, and nourishing a baby! Just go read the post.

And Mustang Bobby over at Shakesville has a quick post on brainwashing, in a sort of response to the bullshit accusations Obama is getting for telling children learning is important.

Feel free to share your links in the comments. I'm always up for new reading material. Have a great holiday weekend, US peeps. I'm going to go fly my kite again.


piecesofstring said...

Thanks for the SGB love! <333.