Monday, September 28, 2009

Filthy note

I've been meaning to post, but I'm having one of those lethargic weeks again, and I just don't feel like it.  I have difficulty sleeping too, so when the exhaustion catches up to me I find it hard to motivate myself.  Which kind of sucks, because I have a lot I should be working on (including but not exclusive to wedding planning), but every now and then I just need to take a step back.

Because of my laziness, you get a bonus fuzz therapy (well, sort of bonus, since I posted this pic already, but it gives me giggles, so there).

This was taken last year during the summer, when I had had enough of all the fur in my house.  Plus Princess is not pleasant to groom--(I should make a video sometime--we'll be a youtube sensation!)--so I took the easy way out by paying some lady to shave her.  But since she's 17 now, I didn't really want to stress her out, so I just suck it up and groom her myself.  I do miss the response I get when I ask the groomer "How was she?"  It usually involves some sort of death look.  Once I had one groomer yell at me about my evil cat while she brandished her bleeding hand at me and wailing about how she hopes it doesn't get infected, whereupon I pointed out to her that when I dropped her off I suggested using a muzzle.  Not my fault she doesn't know how to listen.  And after the way she man-handled my cat back into the carrier, I was glad Princess bit her--hell, I thought I was going to bite her myself before I left. 

Time for a nap on the couch.