Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fuzz Therapy

I am leaving for Michigan tomorrow morning (seeing family and attending my cousin's wedding, followed by the drunken celebration of my stepdad's birthday) and won't be blogging, so I'll leave you with a dose of Fuzz Therapy until I return.

My Princess has a number of hobbies that include


exposing her pink belly to the world

and sleeping in adorably impractical ways.
I hope everyone has a great weekend. I'll try to moderate any comments when I can get to a computer. Normal pissed off posts should return next Monday.


toofastonwater said...

Oh, I miss my little Princess! I'll send some nip your way!!

The Sexist said...

hey, thanks for commenting on my cvs post. if you really, really, want to get mad at cvs (who DOESNT), check this out:

a campaign in philly recently successfully convinced its local cvs to unlock its condoms:

but most are decided on a case by case basis. which means, if you live in a neighborhood where the managers are scared of poor people, your condoms will be locked up.

anyway, good to find your blog. thanks for reading :)