Friday, April 24, 2009


I have mixed feelings about this new movie. It's interesting that a white woman is cast as the seductive "other" woman, trying to break apart the happy marriage of a black couple. But then it also reinforces the "crazy bitch" thing, where some women are just "omg fucking crazy azz bitchez!" It also means that Beyonce's character must have a showdown with her opponent, since it's clear her husband won't. So now we have a sexy cat-fight! There you have it guys--psuedo-porn for the price of a movie ticket! Tell me it doesn't appeal to the male gaze: it is referred to as the "sexiest thriller yet."

For me, this only reaffirms that women are each other's enemies. You have to guard your man, or some other woman will come and sex him away from you. There's an interesting post on women bullying other women over at "Oh, You're a FEMINIST?!" Basically this movie is just another example of how women view other women as competition, and underscores the "necessity" to undermine other women in what appears as (and is) pettiness. This movie makes it extreme.

I don't know. I certainly don't see it as empowering. It's not any different than the hundreds of Lifetime movies with the same premise.


PG said...

"Hand That Rocks the Cradle" was much creepier than this movie could be. Woman trying to steal your man ... eh, if he's that easily stolen, let him go. Woman trying to take over your entire life, including being mother to your children -- truly scary.