Thursday, November 19, 2009

17 years ago today...

Mommy and DaddyGrandeur ran off to a judge in Ohio to get married immediately after my biological dad signed the divorce papers.  Later that day, when family caught wind of the marriage, a sudden celebration party was held at our house.  My brother and I were dropped off by bio-dad, whereupon a tumultuous "What the fuck?" resounded from his mouth as his gaze met the "Just married" sign displayed in the bay window.

Afterward, cake was served with kitty tracks marring the icing, as our large black cat--thrilled by the merry-making--had bounded onto the counter, only to land in the giant sheet of moist deliciousness.

Because my mom decided to divorce my dad, seeking the happiness she rightly deserves (and thus removing an angry and abusive man from our home) my brother and I got an awesome stepdad (jokingly referred to as "weekday dad").

So, to my parents: congratulations on your many years of happiness in your strong, hard-earned relationship.  And thank you for setting an example of how to love and respect your partner, even though you may not always agree on something.  Here's to many more years of happiness for you both.


luvandfamily said...

What an unforgettable day that was! You failed to mention the cake fight that took place after your kitty raced across it between Mommy & DaddyGrandeur. No cutting the cake for us. lol

My prayer that day was that you and your brother understand (someday) the reason for the divorce. And that finding true love really is possible.

Well, as always, my prayers were answered.

Thanks for the 'blub worthy' blog!