Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lazy Sunday Wednesday

I realize I haven't been posting very often lately, including my usual link round-up, so here's some middle of the week links I've been collecting.  I'm posting these now because Sunday I'll be out of town away from the computer (will I ever survive???)

"What If My Mother Had Aborted Me?"  From the post: "But let’s deal with the attempt to get around women’s basic human rights by appealing to the egotistical assumption that your own birth was inevitable, and that the only thing that could have threatened this inevitable trot to you existing was the legality of abortion.  “How would you like it if your mother had an abortion?” ask the anti-choicers, without realizing that’s like asking, “How would you like it if the night you were conceived, your dad decided to go to bed early while your mom stayed up to watch Johnny Carson?”  The answer is, you wouldn’t be here to regret their selfish actions in the abortion or late show department."

Staggering Display of Privilege:  "I was going over the afternoon again with him when I realized; not only did this man's comment in class completely nullify my experiences as a woman, as a person, living in this world and its rape culture and its constant media portrayals of sex and violence and the very objectification I was talking about, it nullifies those of every other woman, of every other person, who HAS experienced it."  Yeah, because we women always need some smart man to tell it like it is he thinks it is.

Obama Refuses to Stand Up for Women: We're getting pretty sick of this shit already.

My Friend Called to Say She Was Raped:  I still cannot get this out of my head.  Heavy trigger warning.  Please offer Renee all the good thoughts you can.