Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fuzz Therapy--Guest Fuzz

What's up everyone? It's Wednesday which means you are all treated to some fuzzy goodness!  Some of you may recall last month Mommy and DaddyGrandeur lost one of their doggies.  Well, a few days ago, MommyGrandeur says she went to a stranger's house and got Lucky (totally her words!):

This is not the first time MommyGrandeur got a dog from a stranger.  I swear I'm meeting the wrong kind of people.  No one gives me a doggy.

The really good news is that Precious and Rascal have already gotten attached to the newest member of the family.  Though Precious is not so willing to share her toys with him--MommyGrandeur reports she's started hiding them (I am begging for photographic evidence of this!).

More cute reasons for me to visit.  Now I just need some money for airfare. 


luvandfamily said...

I will provide photographic evidence very soon! lol