Sunday, November 22, 2009

Lazy Sunday

Hosted by Whoopi, who is apparently trying to flip herself over.

So I am running on approximately 2 hrs sleep. Enjoy your links.

"I'm for gay rights, but..." Some awesome and thoughtful responses to anti-gay sentiments.

In Defense of "Douchebag": "Douches, and the bags that reportedly accompany them, are terrible, no-good products. Insulting douches doesn’t insult women — the existence of douches insults women." Amen.

On Carrie Prejean: "So what difference does it make, in terms of Prejean's bigotry, that she has a sexual life of her own? None. Because denying fellow citizens equal rights is wrong no matter what.
She was wrong when she said it before anyone knew she had a "sex tape," and she's wrong now. The existence of a "sex tape" doesn't somehow make her more wrong."

What These People Need Is a Honky: this would be hilarious if it wasn't oh so true...

The Edward Cullen Underpants Conundrum: there is just so much win in this post that I cannot possibly choose a favorite quote.

James Cameron's Avatar: Watch Some -isms This December! Let's see: "noble savages," crip drag, blueface. Did Cameron leave anyone out?