Monday, November 2, 2009

Filthy note

Just so you're all aware, I'm going to be writing few posts this week--if any.  Now that Halloween is over, there are a lot of things that I have to catch up on.  Mainly, I've still got some wedding preparations (sure, I have till June, but I tend to procrastinate, so I have to give myself a large amount of time to accommodate this trait).

Also, I've been neglecting my creative writing (i.e. poetry and stories not related to this blog) that I do in my spare time because I devote so much time to reading other people's blogs, commenting, and posting on my own blog.

Something to know about me is that I tend to do things in waves, and all of that depends on what I feel like doing.  There are days when I cannot pull myself from the computer, glued to other blogs.  There are days when I have to sew something, or I search around for scrap yarn to crochet.  There are times when I have to sit down and scribble a note or story in my notebook.  Hell, there are times when I just need to lay on the couch and play Pokemon on my DS (go ahead, make fun.  I'll allow it).  I can only describe these sudden illogical urges as "itches."  This is also why I tend to have trouble doing things that I really should  be doing (like planning my wedding) because I give in too easily the things I feel like doing.

And right now, I don't feel like I have it in me to post here as frequently.  I just thought you all ought to know, in case you're wondering about my lack of discipline.