Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween (costume pics)

So we just got back from the Madison Freakfest, and since there's been a demand for pics, I give you pics:

 The above is me, in my King Rat make-up--or what I assume a man who lives in the sewer would look like.

I stuffed my coat pockets with squishy rats, and carried one around in my hands, swinging it by its tail.

We stopped at a bar first thing, because if I was going to deal with a bunch of drunk dudebros in public, I was going to need a beer.  And it seems that the mission to wear a non-sexy costume was totally accomplished: at one bar my fiance and I both headed for the bathrooms, and as I was headed into the ladies' room, some dude tapped me on my back and informed me "Dude, that's the women's room."  Part of me thought he should mind his own damn business, since I'm perfectly capable of finding my way to the "correct" piss room.  The other part laughed, because I was seen as the anti-sexy.  Thank you handmade slimy King Rat coat!

Oh, and here's a bonus fun pic (I know King Rat doesn't wear glasses, but I can't see more than three feet in front of me without them, so shut it):

I never did ask him though...I mean, there were like five guys dressed like Jesus at this thing.  I could've asked them.

I think it's important to note that I was wearing three shirts under my ankle length coat and I was still cold.  There were a few men walking around nearly naked, and of course most women were lacking in clothing due to some version of sexay!  I heard one young woman complaining that she was cold.  Big fucking surprise, huh?

And here is a list of offensive costumes I saw tonight:
  • 10-15 men dressed as stereotypical Mexicans.
  • Some guy wearing orange and blackface (I saw him from an upstairs bar window, so didn't get a chance to learn his intention, not that it matters).
  • Sexy Native Americans and Eskimos.
  • Retarded Where's Waldo (I really, really wish I were joking).


stufflikemikans said...

I love it! It's exactly how I picture King Rat to look! And it's definitely anti-sexy. Well done!

FilthyGrandeur said...

:) i wish you were here so we could go as King Rat and the Pied Piper. mr. Grandeur wouldn't do it. lol.

Glauke said...

Really-really cool.

Sent any pictures to mr. Miéville? I think he'd appreciate a) the effort b) the reasoning behind it.

Anonymous said...

Love the costume. The picture with just the make-up makes you look like you've been beaten up - it looks like bruises! But put with the costume, it's absolutely perfect.

FilthyGrandeur said...

i would certainly love to send these to Mr. Mieville, if I knew how to contact him. if anyone knows his email, hook me up :)

Unknown said...

Fantastic! The coat and makeup were awesome. Amazing that all you have to do is not wear a sexy costume and it is assumed you don't belong in the women's restroom.