Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ad watch for "o filthy grandeur!"

I'm calling on my readers to police the new ads on my site. While I don't object to ads being posted here, I am concerned that they may not be appropriate for this site (I can totally envision the damn ads promoting some weight-loss shit in response to an article on body image, which is not okay). For this reason I am calling on my readers to bring any inappropriate ads to my attention (I will do my very best to maintain the integrity of the site, but I'm new to this, so it may take me a while to get the ads the way I want, so please bear with me).

If anyone sees anything in the ads that goes against this site as a safe womanist/feminist space that is a friendly and respectful community to/for women, people of all sexualities, races, and genders, etc., please let me know immediately via email (see sidebar).

Thanks for your help!
Update: Having gotten frustrated with the ads, I removed them. I doubt I'll put them back, since there was no way for me to pick and choose, since they were automatically generated. Fuck that. I'll have my space clean and free of junk!


RMJ said...

Congrats on adding ads! I'll keep an eye out.