Monday, June 8, 2009

KRXQ to issue verbal apology to listeners on June 11th

I just received the following email from Mr. Geary of KRXQ:

Thank you for your feedback regarding the May 28th and June 3rd, 2009 broadcasts of “The Rob, Arnie and Dawn Show.” I understand the seriousness of the issue, and want to share with you a copy of a notice that has been posted on our website,

During these shows, Rob and Arnie made what we, and they, recognize were completely unacceptable remarks concerning members of the transgender community, especially children. Accordingly, this Thursday, June 11th, 2009, the show will be dedicated to what we anticipate will be a forum to promote a better understanding among all listeners of the issues involved.

John D. Geary

Vice President / General Manager
Well, it had better be an apology, anyway. It's not like they didn't already blow their chance at an apology--now they want another one. I'm anticipating their response, though, since maybe--just maybe, they won't fuck this one up too.

However, I would like to point out my problem with their first unapology: telling people not to be offended because it's all just jokes, man is no fucking excuse. I also have a problem with the "just jokes" excuse, since jokes are not often told in such a fiery hateful manner (unless, of course, you're Lewis Black, but I digress). The few clips I've seen of the KRXQ show in question, these men are spewing hateful bile in such an angry and offensive manner that I find it hard to believe these were "just jokes." These weren't jokes. These were men who are filled judgement and hate, and who are just pissed that so many people called them out on their comments.

I don't think an apology is enough at this point. They've already gotten their chance to apologize and they didn't take it. Now that the heat's on and their sponsors are dropping one by one have they realized that it was wrong (and I think that realization stirs little in them).


Patrick said...

Thanks for keeping on top of this. It will be interesting to see what this response is. Yes, its only in reaction to the response of listeners and sponsors, rather that a sincere recognition of the vilently hateful nature of these remarks. But at least it's a step back in the right direction.

I suppose it's possible the assholes involved have truly recognized the disgusting things they said as the horrid, hate-filled bile that they are. Yes, it would be only because their listeners and sponsors have reacted so strongly, but at least it would be a step in the right direction.

In my opinion they should be off the air. Can you imagine if they had said the same things about Jews, or even homosexuals? Why is it that transgendered people are fair game for this ridiculous bullshit?

This talk of a "forum" is encouraging. Nothing can really fix what they said, but maybe something positive can come out of all of it... But if the "forum" is just them reiterating they they fucked up for half an hour, then that's not even worth bothering.