Friday, June 12, 2009

What is (and isn't) important in the media: coverage (or lack of) the trial of Lateisha Green's alleged killer

You may recall Allen Andrade's trial for the murder of Angie Zapata, which certainly got more attention than the trial for Lateisha Green's alleged killer, which began yesterday. As Monica of Transgriot points out

You wouldn't know that because if you Google it, check the local Syracuse media, the website of the Onondaga County DA's office, and even the websites of GLBT groups in the area, you won't find anything on the DeLee trial except old stories and link backs to TransGriot.
It strikes me as disheartening that a woman's life is somehow deemed unimportant. The lack of coverage outside of Syracuse illustrates the lack of value the media places on a black transwoman. The fact that news on this trial is almost nonexistent--even on GLBT sites--is infuriating, and only reinforces this idea that some people are just not important. A transwoman is dead--stolen from her friends and loved ones, and no one is talking about it.