Friday, June 12, 2009

KRXQ's apology

Yesterday, KRXQ discussed its previous comments. The audio of that show can be found here. I suppose that the Rob, Arnie, & Dawn crew realized they weren't getting off the hook with their previous unapology; I do commend them for not blowing this second opportunity, and taking the time to not only recognize their ignorance, but also confront it. Hopefully they learned something about the transgender community (especially transgender children), and were able to teach their listeners about the transgender community as well.

Often when people find their bigotry confronted they act defensive, and rather than own up to their behavior or words, they'll write it off as jokes, or state they didn't know it was offensive. Which is of course what KRXQ tried first. It was not until we started sending emails to their sponsors that they took the hint and decided to do the June 11th show.

But I'll give them points for their (eventual) effort, and if it brings good to the transgender community and tells the rest of society that this sort of hatred is not acceptable, then it's better than sticking with the original unapology.

Over at GLAAD's site, they've posted a statement by Rob Williams, which states:

Thank you for having the courage to stand by us and to keep the show in check. It was through the loyal listeners of the Rob, Arnie and Dawn show that Arnie and I were dragged, kicking and screaming, to the reality that we had gone too far and crossed a line in the eyes of OUR audience. It is still a point of sadness and frustration that it took us so long to acknowledge our mistake, believe our audience, and begin making things right. The show of Thursday, June 11 serves to set things in forward motion.
GLAAD also states:

As noted in its Thursday press release, GLAAD will continue to monitor the show daily to ensure it stays within the bounds of fair, accurate and inclusive coverage. GLAAD will also continue promoting the stories of transgender people to the show and advising the hosts on covering transgender people with respect and dignity.
Hopefully they've learned their lesson.