Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fuzz Therapy (Guest Fuzz)

I apologize for my lateness on your weekly fuzz; I completely lost track of the days, and well, better late than never, so shut it and enjoy.

Since Princess has decided to hide from the heat all week, here's a guest fuzz therapy featuring my mommy's pets.

Dat's her boy Rascal trying to capture Precious' tail (and she doesn't look too happy about it). Rascal is the newest addition to their cache of petty goodness, and true to cat form he's already claimed much of the house as his territory (everyone else is apparently lucky enough to be in his presence--hmm...just like my Princess).

I particularly enjoy the utter laziness of this one. I'll avoid the obvious weenies and pussy joke (especially since the genders are reversed in both cases--or does that make it okay? I don't know) and just say how much I miss Precious and her fatty plumpness. Hannah's okay, too, but she only likes napping with Ted, whereas Precious loves to play. I haven't met Rascal yet, but soon.

And just so everyone's aware, I'll be out of town this weekend on a camping trip with my fiance, so don't expect a post. Hope everyone has a great weekend.