Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cop punishes girl for saying "fuck" by hanging up on her on a 911 call, then has her arrested

If you're not shaking by the end of this video, there's something wrong with you.

Adrainne Ledesma called asking for help, and Sgt. Robert McFarland hung up on her three times before even asking what the emergency was. If I were in this girl's position, and had a loved one of mine collapse, you can bet your ass I would be dropping some f-bombs. This man had no right to correct her for her "potty-mouth." It is his job to answer the fucking phone when people call to report an emergency, not chastise them for what he thinks is wrong. This girl's father could have died because this douchebag decided to hang up on her for her foul-language. And by the way, it's none of his fucking business. Phone etiquette does not matter in an emergency. When your loved one is in danger or hurt, you're hereby allowed to use any sort of language you want to get someone to send an ambulance. This cannot possibly be the first time this man has heard someone upset on the phone. I'd be interested to hear other recordings of him answering the line in an emergency.

And then the girl was arrested on a charge that didn't exist. You know what this is about? Exerting control over another because he felt he had the right to. Fucking douchebag.

He's been suspended without pay for two weeks. We've seen this pitiful wrist-slap before. It does nothing. People like McFarland need to know there are real consequences for their negligence and carelessness. He should be fired.

Oh, he's also been sued before. Apparently he tasered a fourteen-year-old boy.

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Unknown said...

A friend of my mum's was once put face down on the floor with a foot on her back for swearing, worse part is she looked pregnant at the time and was undergoing tests which later showed she had a tumour.

I think the mentality may have been 'she's on a council estate therefore trash, leaving a pub, who gives a fuck about her?' (well maybe not 'fuck' if the delicate ears of the police cannot take such language) totally out of order.

I don't understand why swearing is such a crime, most people swear and surely a stressful situation is the one time when even the most ardent non swearer can't stop themselves?