Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The elusive mythical creature: size 14 shorts

I had heard about how difficult it is for the average-sized lady to purchase clothing, but I hadn't experienced it firsthand until this last weekend. I haven't had to buy clothing in a while, and even when my dependable jeans suddenly rip, I convert them into a cute skirt, or I'll pick up something at Target or Wal-Mart. These places seem to understand those of us with a larger bottom. This understanding has not reached the higher end of the fashion spectrum, and certainly only exists in stores that specifically cater to those of us with some curves.

I was scouring my neighborhood mall last weekend (normally I avoid malls like the plague since I'm not a huge fan of people and children, but my fiance's family apparently loves malls, so there you have it). I had no intention of even looking at anything, since, as some of you already know, I'm broke and certainly can't justify spending $50 on a shirt I can make myself if I really felt like it, but my fiance's mother insisted, asking if there was anything I could use. I eventually picked out a few tank tops, and then was going to look for some shorts since I severely lack a summer wardrobe.

I quickly discovered that it is impossible to find shorts longer than crotch-length, and even more impossible to find anything above a size 10. I wear size 14; I'm not going to try to squeeze my ass into a size 10.

And then I just thought of how incredibly ridiculous it is that all these stores (and it's not just exclusive to my mall) don't carry clothing to accommodate the average-sized lady. Wouldn't they make more money if they carried items for the largest group of women customers? Average is average because more women fall into that group, yet these companies are willing to ignore them completely.

I will not starve myself so I can squeeze into their tiny shorts. There is enough shaming of women as it is without me feeling bad about myself because not one store carries shorts in my size. I was actually embarrassed trailing my fiance's mother in search of shorts that didn't exist. We must have gone into every store, and no luck in any of them. Who knew a pair of shorts for my ass would be mythical? Similarly, finding pants in my size is difficult.

I can easily find tops that fit properly, so why is it such an endeavor to find something to encase my butt? The clothing industry has apparently decided that the average woman is big fat fatty who doesn't deserve a fucking pair of designer jeans. They don't post an obvious "No fatasses" sign in their windows, but trust me, it's implicit in how they further your shame by pursuing a hunt for something they don't carry, or reducing you to asking for the size near the swarms of size 1's.

Perhaps one day the industry will realize that women come in all shapes and sizes and make clothing to reflect this reality. I have hips and curves. I am not pencil thin. I am average. I would like a pair of shorts that fits my body.


Dalal N said...

I've had similar troubles, too. My biggest issue is that these shorts are cut so high up on the thigh! At the risk of TMI'ing, I have *ahem* lots of hair that is painful to be rid of and my hair is all very dark. I'd like to wear clothes without having to *cough* "mow the lawn", but I suppose that that's WRONG, too, and I am 'justly' punished.

Yaffle said...

I got three pairs of really nice size 14 shorts there, this weekend. Not too pricey, either.