Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Turtle Blogging

Today I decided to post pictures of my turtle's adventures outside (the first time she's been out since last summer). Like my cat Princess, I've had my turtle since I was in elementary school. It's sort of cool having pets that were once my child play-things. Anyway, I wasn't very good at coming up with names as a kid, so my mom named the turtle (although you could certainly point out that my mom isn't that great at it either, for which I would not fault you). So anyway, you are now introduced to Whoopi, my turtle (yes, named after that Whoopi).

It took Whoopi a few minutes to get comfortable. She stayed in her shell, until she finally stuck her head out, realized she was free, and took off.

She then went across the brick walkway, and spotted our giant tree.

Undaunted by this new obstacle, she began to climb.

Exhibiting profound turtle-courage, she clawed her way up the tree, seemingly nonchalant about the threat of gravity.

She reached the dizzying height of ten inches (before I panicked and plucked her from the tree).
Like any child, however, Whoopi learned where I did not want her to go, and of course would go back there as soon as I brought her nearer to me. Among these places are the tree, under the deck, the driveway, the road, and the fence (where a hungry-looking robin perched, watching her the entire time we were outside. I don't know if robins eat turtles, but this bird circled the yard whenever the turtle moved, and I chased it off several times, only for it to come back and perch a few feet away).

Now that Whoopi's awake, you'll probably see more of her summer adventures, until she goes back to sleep for the winter.