Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fuzz Therapy

Oh man, I forgot it's Wednesday (sorry, bad day at work). So here it is, your dose of my fluffy Princess:Yup, that's her curled up around Tha Carter III. I thought I'd share this one since I'm anticipating the release of Lil Wayne's rock n' roll album Rebirth.

I just like this one because of her stretchy paws. She often lays in a sunbeam like this.

Oh, and just so everyone's aware, there will be a new post this week (maybe next week, depending on how ambitious I am) on Sara Douglass' fantasy novels. That's all you get for now. Check back later!


scarlettscion said...

is she a ragdoll? She looks my my ragdoll Chen when he was younger, but I didn't realize they came in white!

(picture of the Chen aka Mr. Fuzzy here: )

FilthyGrandeur said...

i'm not sure what she is actually. we got her from my aunt when her cat had a litter (omg, sixteen years ago!). i think her mom was a mixed breed calico-ish kitty. we don't know about the dad though. she's my precious mutt.

Chen is adorable, btw.