Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fuzz Therapy

Here it is, your weekly dose of fuzziness, starring my Princess. Since I already had a sewing post this week, I figure Princess can participate as well.

What my darling kitty has perched her fluff onto is my current cross-stitch project. Note that this project is not on the couch, but rather placed on my cluttered table. This did not deter her at all, and soon she was napping on it. And, since I know the consequences of moving this stubborn royal pain, I did not touch her.

So now there's a million fine white furs all over my project. A sticky-roller doesn't work as well as one might think, so now Princess' presence will be sewn into the pattern. It works though, because it's actually of a cat (that's its paw beneath Princess' own). Princess always finds a way to interact with any handcraft of mine, whether it's hunting thread, chewing the yarn as it's pulled to my hands by my crochet hook, or resting on yards of lace and satin. She's a fluffy ball of cute.


the blogger formerly known as yinyang said...

Your cat is almost unbelievably cute. That second picture makes me want to pick her up and cuddle her forever.

FilthyGrandeur said...

yeah, the problem with her though, is that she's like the forbidden fruit: she likes attention, but cuddles--NO. she puts her paws on my face when i try to kiss her, and she'll squirm and maybe scratch till i let her down. but that's okay, since all kitties need "corporal cuddling":

it's bad though because cats with such a high level of fluff should be aware that they will draw cuddles...

Siobhan said...

LOL! Our p1ng (she is l33t) is also amazingly fluffy and amazingly cuddle-averse. The only time she ever gets mad is when you pick her up -- she turns into a whirling tornado of claws. drop her and she holds no grudges -- she's right back for her pettings, purring brazenly.