Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fuzz Therapy

Sorry I haven't been updating as often lately. I'm actually getting more hours at work, so less time for blogging, but hopefully I'll get a good schedule going again.

I decided that this week's Fuzz Therapy will (again) feature my Princess, sans fuzz. For a few consecutive years I had gotten her a summer hair-do since her fur is just unmanageable this time of year. This year I've decided to suck it up and groom her regularly, which means pinning her to the floor and holding her head down while I quickly rake the brush across her (trust me, the snarls and hissing is just melodrama), and I earn a number of scratches for my good pet ownership.

So here's looking back on the fleeting times when Princess had no fluffs, and I was in a state of constant giggles looking at her tiny pink body and giant head. Lion cut = pure joy (for humans).

I particularly like the Popeye-look she sports with her seemingly beefy front legs.

I think the look on her face in this one says it all:

I hope everyone's having a great week. Don't forget, you can submit your own pics for Fuzz Therapy. See submission guidelines for details.