Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fuzz Therapy

I'm sort of having a rotten day (another case of I-hate-my-fucking-clueless-racist-coworker--more on this later, but basically I told her off once; if it happens again, I'm reporting her. I'm not going to tolerate racism because a white person feels "safe" around me because I'm white, as if I can't find their shit offensive).

Anyway, thankfully it's Wednesday, which means it's Fuzz Therapy! glad I can come home and cuddles with my uber-fluffy Princess, and bestow loving kisses upon her silky kitty-brow.

Oh, wait...

All the food and love I give her, and she can't even let me snorgle her? I mean, that's a pretty clear "DO NOT WANT" face she's giving me, not to mention her use of excessive kitty-paw force.

Oh well. Maybe next time.

(And no, that's not a Dragonforce t-shirt I'm wearing--I swear).


The Witty Mulatto said...

Awww! Such a pretty kitty!

Dolly said...

My cat is EXACTLY the same way.

PS Sorry about your crappy racist co-worker. :(