Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Extenze for women--so the men already taking Extenze have something to fuck

Finally! An Extenze for women!!

This website assures me that

"No longer is sexual enhancement focused on the needs of men!"
Well, great! They further tell me
"Taken as a daily supplement, women will notice a change in their sexual drive, one that echoes youthful passion and excitement."
"Women have their own sexual wants and needs, but so often they are overlooked by product developers. Extenze took notice and created a specially formulated product that provides a healthy sexual nutritional supplement for women."
So why do the tv ads and the site seem to only care about women's sexuality within a heterosexual relationship? I love how all the Extenze ads for men are filled with sexy women, dangling ass and titties at the poor impotent fool until he's overcome with desire for a boner that he buys this product (I'm not even bothering to embed the videos here--I'm sure you've seen them).

This new Extenze for Women seems to me to be a Part II for the male product. "So, you've got this boner and your lady's not in the mood, huh? Well, we can fix that!"

Oh, and for anyone that wants to tell me I'm "looking too much into this," tell me why the site for the lady's product has links to not only the male Extenze, but also products such as Stiff Nights, and Sweeterex (guess what that's for)?

I love how all the sites aimed at men are of the soft-core porn variety, with passive (and presumably fuckable) women, while the one at women (while still sexy, though with PINK!!) shows a woman embracing a man, which sort of makes me think of erotica. Notice also the difference in icons of the male and female Extenze--women get a kiss, men get a woman with her ass thrust out. WTF???

Update: It has not escaped my notice that the ads for both the male and female products feature mostly white men and women--I think I only saw one black man once. But that's okay, since presumably black men don't need male enhancement, right?


Daisy Deadhead said...

Betcha anything they are both basically the same ingredients... maca root and L-Arginine. But they market one to men and one to women. That's true for the GNC sex supplements, anyway...

You don't expect people to buy stuff that isn't gender-specific, now doya? :P If things weren't helpfully labeled pink and blue, people couldn't figure it out for themselves! (snark)

Anonymous said...


Comparing the two ads, the male one seems to talk more about his experience living up to his wants, while the female one talk more about her wanting it more. His product is about fulfilling his desires, while hers is about changing her desires.

Sweeterex: I heave.

I also noticed a link for a product about embarrassing vaginal odours (the Destinol link, though that sounds like something you should be taking to have a cool destiny) - but no equivalent product for dealing with the scourge of the stinking penis.

FilthyGrandeur said...

"scourge of the stinking penis"

love it! this was the first thing i read this morning--awesome way to start my day!

there are hundreds of products to combat supposedly smelly lady parts; i don't even know if there's anything for a man's smelly ball odor...

Anonymous said...

Oh, but now men can cleanse the shame of their natural odours too!

Here from Womanist Musings, enjoying your blog!


Jumper said...

Perhaps Extenze is being marketed as a sort of "legal date rape drug". The fact that it is likely completely ineffective might not affect sales. Awfully creepy, however. A "gateway" rape drug? Who knows...

FilthyGrandeur said...


interesting thoughts. also, i'm sufficiently creeped out by them.