Monday, July 27, 2009

Napalm Nacey declares war on Evony

I'm sure you've seen the ads for Evony by now. These ads are part of the reason why I deleted my adsense account, seeing as how they're bordering on the ridiculous and are certainly offensive. Anyway, via Feministe, I found Nacey's declaration of all out war on the game's advertisers (please note that link is considered NSFW). Nacey appropriately states:

And just because you're a guy, don't think that these ads don't affect you. I think it's a great disservice to men, thinking they can lure them in with the promise of breasts and subservient women. It's insulting to men, it's insulting to women. It's the lowest common denomenator and I don't think people want that shit on their mainstream, non-porny websites.
Anyway, Nacey has the best response to these ads:

They're missing out on half the market. Isn't it time they start urging the wimminz to join their awesome-sauce browser game?! Where's our princes? Here's where, bitchez:

Oh, it gets so much better:

Click here for the rest of the pics. I think the last one is the best, but since my mother is a frequent reader here, I'll keep the shock to a minimum.


Napalm Nacey said...

Heh, thanks dude! :D It was incredibly fun to get Guyvony to pose in the gold coin bikini! I was cackling madly the moment I took the photo to the moment I finished putting it together in photoshop. :)