Friday, July 31, 2009

Going on vacation!!!

I thought I would post this now, since tomorrow I work a ten-hour shift, and Sunday morning is my flight, and I might not get a chance to let my readership know. Next week I'll be in Florida visiting my mom and stepdad, and hanging with my brother and his girlfriend, who will be flying out from Detroit as I leave from Milwaukee.

I know my comments moderation policy will be slightly problematic while I'm away, not glued to the computer, but I do encourage you all to continue to leave comments on any posts (no matter how old--I read them all); just know they'll take awhile to appear on the post. I will make a point to check for comments twice a day, if time and familial demands allow, so please be patient with me.

I may have a few random posts, and I intend to post Fuzz Therapy on Wednesday, but expect very little from me. I'll be busy having fun and getting sunburned. Regular updates will return August 10th. Have a great weekend / week!


RMJ said...

have a blast :)

Anonymous said...

Have fun and safe travels!