Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fuzz Therapy (Guest Fuzz)

This submission is from Intransigentia, which couldn't have come at a better time, since my Princess is recovering. Rather than risk the medicine dropper, she's chosen to hide under the bed, which is wedged into our bedroom in such a way that it's impossible to move without moving all the other furniture. Thus, I've been unable to get new pics of my kitty. Oh well.

Says sender-inner:

This is Lilith. She is a bit of a mean kitty. She is a master of the trick where she lures you in with her fuzzy belly, and then when you let down your guard she reminds you why cats get five attacks per round. I think she has borderline personality disorder, because one minute she's all "love me, love me, love me" and then without warning she switches to "I hate you, die! die! die!". In our ten years together, I've learned to read her well enough to be mostly safe, but pretty much everybody else is scared of her.

In the attached picture, she's not actually belly-baiting. She was having a snooze in the sunbeam, totally splayed out on her back, but the camera beep woke her up.
Soooo cute! It's almost unbearable how adorable and tempting a kitty's belly can be. Of course it's all a trap, since you end up having to bandage something, but we can't help it. The desire to snorgle a fuzzy kitty belly/neck/tummy/etc. is the deadly people-equivalent of moth-to-flame/deer-in-headlights.

Sounds like Lilith and Princess could be best friends if I didn't think they'd both sit in opposite corners of the room hissing at one another.

I encourage everyone else to submit your pets to Fuzz Therapy. Princess doesn't really need so much attention; she thinks she's special enough. See the Submission Guidelines for details!


pcwhite said...

Awww. Lilith reminds me of a cat I know, down to the colour. I suffered many cuts, and still have not learned. Beware the sweet face of the kitteh.