Monday, July 27, 2009

Oh no! I missed my own blogiversary!

I just realized that July 16th was my first blogiversary, and I missed it!

One year ago I graduated college, and realized I really missed homework. I loved writing literary analyses and having people read them and critique them. Hell, I loved people reading anything I've written. One day I became fed up with David Eddings' novels, and decided to write an essay on his works. Just writing it wasn't enough. I wanted people to read it. So I started this blog.

It started out as a literary blog, but it soon transformed into something more. So, thanks to everyone that has linked to me, and thanks for reading. Here's to another year!

And, in case you're interested, here's the blog post that started it all: The Sexism of David Eddings (feel free to leave comments there--I read all comments, no matter what post they appear on).


Unknown said...

Well, CONGRATULATIONS! Bloggin' aint easy!!! Please keep going!

Daisy Deadhead said...

Happy Bloggiversary!!!!!

Love the Eddings piece. It's funny what gets to us... like, in every single Robert Silverberg novel, there is a "high-breasted girl". Couldn't he use another description for once?

Philip K Dick always had "the brown-haired girl" (as were the five Mrs PKDs!)... but I never found that as offensive. I actually found that kinda sweet, except that she usually tried to kill him somewhere in the course of the story. After you read a dozen or so of those, you just want to shout: "Don't talk to her, Phil!!!! She's gonna try to KILL you!"

Obviously, it was all part of his brown-haired-girl-gestalt. He never stopped loving them, even when they turned out to be mean and vicious. Again, kinda sweet really! :D

RachelB said...

Happy blogiversary to you!

Lenore said...

Happy Blogiversary!!!

Love your blog, I found it just the other day when I was searching for things about Coraline in Google and found your page about it! So glad that I did! :D
I also like it when people read my work and tell me what they think. I write books (never finished a good one, though) and miniature magazines for the family. Actually, I'm planning on starting a website for my work, and perhaps a blog on Blogger! I'll tell you about it when it's ready, shall I? :)
Sorry for writing so much (AGAIN)! ;)

FilthyGrandeur said...


glad you like it. i encourage you to keep reading. i'd love to see your work once you get the site running.

and don't worry about all the commenting--i encourage you to continue doing so (i read every comment that comes through here), and don't worry about the length of your comments either. if you've got something to say, go right ahead and say it!