Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Random late-night post

My fiance's working late at the hospital, so I'm here alone with my kitty and cranky ass turtle. It's always when he's gone that I find scary things. Mostly spiders. I just found one hanging from the ceiling of my closet. I thought about leaving it, but my nauseating fear of them means that I cannot rest in a house if I know there's a spider lurking there. I know I know: I'm always in proximity to bugs and spiders blah blah blah; but if I see it, it has to die.

Anyway, this spider was at least three inches around (icky long legs attributing to most of that size). So, I bravely and necessarily slew the beast with my mighty Swiffer.

Honestly, I think I use that thing more for killing bugs and spiders than for what it's actually meant for. But hey, it gets the job done. I have yet to introduce myself to my new upstairs neighbor--I really hope he doesn't think I think he's being too noisy. Sorry dude, just killin' some spiders!

Time to cozy up in bed with some lovely horror stories by H.P. Lovecraft. Tonight: "Herbert West--Reanimator."


Lenore said...

I hate spiders too. My house is kind of old, so the attic is full of spiders, mice, and bugs that my family & I never shooed out of there. I used to be so afraid of spiders (mostly daddy long-legs like the one you describe here) that I would call a family member to dispose of it while I hid in another room. Now, whenever I see a spider, moth, or insect, I just get a Dixi cup and a piece of paper, trap it, and let it go outside. Unless it's a silver fish - those creepy and disgusting centipede-like things with the legs that look that hair. *shiver*
I've written way too much, as usual. If you want me to stop commenting so frequently (for example, I've commented on at least 3 other blog entries of yours just today) or with so much to say, just tell me. ;)