Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fuzz Therapy (Partial Guest Fuzz)

Happy Wednesday everyone. As usual, here's your dose of Fuzz therapy.

Princess is doing much better this week. In fact, she gained 1/4 lb in one week, the little chub-monster. I thought the following pic was just perfect. I've long since given up my coveted Pirates of the Caribbean fleece to my Princess. As much as I love wrapping Johnny Depp around me, Princess appreciates it, and I'm not all that stupid as to try and take it back from her. I think this has just become my new favorite picture of Princess:

(Click for bigger pic)

Then there's this picture that I stole from my mommy, which is just too darn adorable to pass up:

This is my stepdad, Ted, with his kitty, Rascal. They're smooshing faces in some adorable snorgliness. Dudes that love cats are totally cool (sure wish my fiance would get on board with that--he pretends like Princess isn't really there until I smack him and make him acknowledge her fluffy cuteness).

Rascal looks like a cuddly boy. I think I might steal him when I visit in August (yo mommy--trade you the turtle? I know you want her back).


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Intransigentia said...

If Her Highness would consider rotating herself by about 45 degrees about the axis of Mr. Depp's nose, she could be giving him a Santa beard.

FilthyGrandeur said...

you have just given me a new objective--i will try to capture the santa-beard shot before xmas.

Anonymous said...

Your mom got a picture of me and Christopher trying to stick Rascal in our carry on! He is so cute! He slept with us everynight! You will love him! But leave him there for us to enjoy next time! Have fun at your moms. We sure did!!!

Mommy said...

I am not trading Rascal for the turtle! Wait, I love that turtle..... let me think about it. LOL