Thursday, July 2, 2009

Slim that turkey neck with a strangely phallic product!

I would like to just say, "Really??????"

As if women don't have enough to be shamed into buying. We're constantly bombarded with images that tell us we're too flabby, or our boobs are too small or not perky enough. Hell, we're even told to remodel our vaginas. We're told that the natural aging process is something to cause disgust, and so we must combat wrinkles (no matter how futile).

Not to mention how products for women are easily identifiable by the pink packaging, as if that's the only color that causes a click-I-want-to-buy-that-now moment in our weak feminine skulls.

There are ads for making our fucking eyelashes perfect (I know, right? I mean, do those even fucking matter?????).

Now we have to have skinny necks too?? Why didn't anyone tell me?

My favorite part in the actual television commercial is how they have some skinny-necked woman demonstrating it. Oh, and it's being sold to me by a man (a man uses it, but only for like 1 second at the very end of the commercial--so yeah, for ladies).

This is not to mention the simple absurdity of the whole thing, since it's just skin--tightening the neck muscles doesn't affect the skin. But in a way it's still giggle-inducing to watch these people exercising their necks by pressing down on this slightly phallic device. Oh no, wait--that makes it worse.

Not only are we shaming women into an idealized body-type where skin doing its natural hangy-thing is a no-no, but we're disciplining it with something that mimics fellatio.


Ann Pai said...

Well, if a woman with a skinny neck needs this, then clearly I must need it so much more! File under "You can't love yourself until..."

Lenore said...

People are so obsessed with the whole image thing. If I may, I would like to quote Roger, the alien from 'American Dad!' - "I'm just the way God made me, madam!" LQTM. I've seen so many different things for changing our natural beauty - breast implants, chin protruders, eyelash growers, wrinkle-defying makeup, Bump-Its for hair...the list goes on and on and on. I agree that people need to get over their (and others') looks.