Sunday, August 30, 2009

Lazy Sunday

So I've got a couple links for you to enjoy while I enjoy my laziness. Sorry, but there's only two (I did in fact read a ton of great posts, but don't have the energy to find them again right now. I'm running on almost no sleep, and I was at work at 6am, so give me a break, okay?).

Over at Alas, a Blog, there's a great post by nojojojo, regarding Lynn Jenkins' ignorant "great white hope" statement. Very well said. Finally, the racist cat is out of the bag. Maybe the Republican Party will finally own their racism.

And I have to give another shout-out to bike groggette for yet another great post, this one regarding having higher expectations for men doesn't mean she hates all men (I think this is true for most feminists, and needs to be said, since we're always accused of being man-hating whores). You may remember her post "Dear Het Men." I think my troll may have found her through me--maybe transmitting trolls is like some weird bonding thing for lady-bloggers.

If you got links, feel free to share them. I'll be taking a nap.


Laura said...

I just wanted to pop over to let you know that my blog has moved! You can now find Adventures of a Young Feminist at

bike groggette said...

maybe transmitting trolls is like some weird bonding thing for lady-bloggers

Hey now, I'm not up-to-date on my shots so don't be passing your trolls over just yet ;)