Monday, August 10, 2009

Vacation pics!!!

I thought I'd share my favorite pictures from my recent trip (now that I've had substantial rest). Click on any of them to make them bigger. All the animal pics are from Lowry Park Zoo.

Sunset at Hudson Beach

A bearded pig coming over to say hello.

Someone looks hot.

Cute monkey! (Took forever to get the little guy to turn his face toward me)


Alligator snapping turtle. All of my pics of this thing came out fuzzy, but I still think this one looks neat. Damn turtle didn't sit still for one second. Who knew?


A sweaty FilthyGrandeur feeding the goats. I whined for over an hour that I wanted to visit the petting zoo. Then my family gave in. Then I begged for quarters. As you can see, I won.

Stingray. I got to pet those too. As you can tell, I have to touch stuff.

Me trying to figure out what's flopping around in the water.

I had a lot of fun, but I did get teased for my lack of tanliness. I didn't come back with a tan either. Thanks SPF 30--that sun had nothing on you!


Unknown said...

oh wow, my mother took me to that zoo as a wittle kid. that is amazing to see. I think when I was a kid they had two snakes and a rat. My how things have changed, tigers, warthogs and rays, oh my!

You know what's cool is I can take my wittle kids there now.

FilthyGrandeur said...

i'm sure they'd love it!

when i was little my family took me to the Detroit zoo almost every year. i loved it, but they don't let you pet a whole lot there. i'm a hands-on kinda woman.