Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fuzz Therapy

Hello everyone. I certainly hope you're all having a great week so far. Despite my sort of break, I was not going to miss Fuzz Therapy. And since I'm grumpy, I thought I'd share a couple of grumpy pet pics (one sans fuzz).

Here, we see an angry Princess about to get her nails clipped. Don't worry--she's not in any pain. She's simply pissed the fuck off. The only way to accomplish a nail-clipping of Princess without involving my death is to recruit my fiance to hold her by the scruff. Throughout the (apparently) agonizing ordeal, Princess hisses and growls, to which I respond "Oh yeah, I'm such a terrible mommy! Look at me, taking care of you and stuff!" She won't look at me while I clip her nails; and when the task is finally complete, I step back, and my fiance releases her while we both wear looks of terror. He might as well be releasing an alligator he just jumped on and pissed off.

Thankfully Princess has a short term memory for things making her angry. She's lovey again within minutes (and by "lovey" I mean, completely ignores me and only acts sweetly when she wants a quick scratch, or is bored).

And I'll reintroduce you to my turtle, Whoopi. I'm amazed I was able to get the above picture at all, given that she was pacing along the side of her tank. She enjoys banging her shell into the glass to get my attention. Usually when she's hungry, she'll perch on top of her food dish (you can sort of see it underneath her--it's the rock-like thing) and stare me down until I get the hint. She's like a rude patron at a restaurant. When signaling with looks doesn't work, she'll opt for loud displays of impatience.

I know I'm not the only one with rude-ass pets. I expect some submissions, people!


Emily said...

I'm all too well acquainted with the dangers of clipping claws of cats! My little Vilma, sweet and innocent at other times, has developed a truly terrifying stare which goes along with her growling as I cut her claws.

Nobody's been brave enough to photograph her in that position, though!