Thursday, August 13, 2009

Man, I can't take all the blubs...

Seriously...why do parents have to be so loving?

Woke up this morning to read this from MommyGrandeur. And then there's this from DaddyGrandeur (lol--I'm so imaginative today). And, of course, they're blubtastic.

I am truly grateful to have parents who love and support me. They not only helped me grow, but gave me room to grow on my own. I know I've done things that have upset them; I've done typical stupid teenage things to piss them off; and it means a lot to me to know that they support me in all I do, even if they may not agree or understand.

I don't have to mold myself into something I'm not for them. I can speak openly, about anything that I am passionate about, about anything that may be troubling me. And that means the world to me.


RachelB said...

Blubtastic, indeed! Why can't *all* parents be so loving?